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Founded in 2015, Corelight Solutions, LLC. was established as a business management consulting company specializing in online presence management and technology integration, for start-ups and mid-sized companies. Although based in Long Beach, MS, Corelight Solutions serves local, national, and global companies, through one-on-one consulting, modern web design and development, branding, productivity consulting, technology integration, business document development and host of other services. Our focus is the sustainable development and worldwide proliferation of quality businesses, positive content and products, and technologies, that are meant to enrich our society and the everyday lives of humanity.


Online Presence Development

Be found where it matters, everywhere. Get a consistent presence and brand across search engines, directories, databases, and social media, while increasing your market.

Online Reputation Management

Protect the online reputation and branding of your business through attentive monitoring of mentions of your brand. Derive valuable insight on how users interact with your company.

Branding & Design

Whether you are in need of standard business documents, sales sheets, identity collateral, press kits, presentations, resumes, reports, brochures, or more, our design team is ready to bring your vision into the light.

Web Design & Development

Mobile first is the standard in web design and your company must think this way as well. Get a modern, compliant, and responsive website, landing page, or blog, that converts and establishes your company's brand while being accessible across all devices and operating systems. 

Technology Integration

Harness the power of today's technology to help start, grow, or scale your business. Use collaboration tools, task automation, cloud computing, data analysis, and more to run your business efficiently and effectively.


Get to the core of all your business' key aspects and identify areas of improve and growth, through in-depth dialogue and analysis aimed at providing your business with insights, resources, strategies, and clear objectives.

Media Marketing & Syndication

Great content and media should be easily accessible and targeted at those most willing to convert. Engagement consistency is essential to creating a well-rounded and sought after brand. We specialize in conveying your brand's message across multiple mediums. 

Project Management

Feeling overwhelmed with your latest undertaking? Let us handle the management of your next project by overseeing the many moving parts associated with it. We can help with budgets, recruitment, reporting, and more.


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